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Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the heartbeat of all ministry, the lifeline. Nothing that we do at ROFM is accomplished without prayer. We meet on Tuesdays at 7pm for a corporate prayer time and church pastors and elders are always available to pray for the sick or to minister to those in need.

If you are in need of prayer, please contact us. 
Tel: 605 . 376 . 1508

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Arrow Club
Youth Ministry

In Psalm 127 children are referred to as arrows. The Arrow Club youth ministry seeks to guide the future generation, providing biblical mentorship, teaching and encouragement to demonstrate to children that they are a blessing from the Lord with a purpose and a hope.

For more information about Arrow Club events, visit our event page.
Tel: 605 . 731 . 9407

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Home Church Plants

At ROFM we believe that the true church is a book of Acts church and in Acts they gathered in homes, broke bread, prayed, taught and watched God move! The smaller groups are great for deeper and richer conversations, prayer time, accountability and relationship building.

Have a desire to get a home church started but don't know where to begin? We can help!  |  Tel: 605 . 376 . 1508


Gifts of the Spirit Ministry

God always confirms His word and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. What He did in scripture for others, He can do for us today. Pastors Dave and Victoria Obenauer began ROFM by offering this course to different local churches. They have experienced many miracles, healings, and testimonies as a result of the Holy Spirit's work through the program. Reach out today to inquire about having this course offered near you! 

Contact us today to schedule this class at YOUR church or event  |  Tel: 605 . 376 . 1508

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JCH has always been a ministry first. We desire to provide space for others to gather together, be still, build relationships and reconnect over what matters the most.

Open for events only  |  Tel: 605 . 528 . 3713

Coffee House Ministry

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