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Church Leadership



Dave & Victoria Obenauer

Pastor Dave received his Bible College behind the walls when he truly encountered the Lord during his teen and young adult years. Since that time, he has felt the call of God to preach the same Word that brought restoration to his own life. He and his wife, Victoria, began ROFM in 2017 with a vision to usher in revival through servanthood and prayer. Together, they have traveled across the country helping to establish home churches and encouraging the saints away and at home.

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Worship Leaders

Steve & Ruth Beckler

Steve and Ruth are just a normal husband and wife God has chosen to put in the highly visible position of worship leaders at ROFM. They are constantly learning to better have the voice of the Holy Spirit in their lives and in the worship music. It is their prayer to see revival break out in the churches!

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Youth Leaders

Jon & Correena Obenauer

The future is being shaped right now. Jon has a gift to listen and Correena a gift to teach. Together they make a great team as they lead the Arrow Club, our youth ministry here at ROFM. Local students gather at Joshua's Coffee House each week for worship, prayer and teachings!

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Leadership Advisors

Gary Meyer

Leadership Advisor

Richard Pagel

Richard came to the Lord 50 years ago in a bible study when he surrendered his life to the Lord. His heart is to reach the lost and to prepare the saints for the end times. 

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